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Consulting in the area of the automation of the final stages of the assembly line:

Is having highly qualified, competent staff important to you? Do you value professionalism?

Do you expect the highest quality of service? Look no further!


We provide only the highest quality services, and what is equally important, we are passionate about what we do! Why? Because your satisfaction is our goal! We can offer services that include objective, comprehensive consultancy in the area of automating the final stages of the assembly line (in particular, we specialise in conveyor belt systems and packaging machines), we can advise in the use of Laser Guided Vehicles in the context of warehouse management (Warehouse Managing Systems) and on the use of „Smart Store” technologies.



We can offer comprehensive expertise regarding a wide range of innovative technological solutions,

which will increase the efficiency of your production facility and substantially increase profitability.

How we work

Consultancy Services

Your satisfaction is our goal! We can perform a comprehensive analysis of the way your business functions and propose solutions, that will enable your business to become even more profitable. We can highlight the strengths of your factory and offer insight on how to best take advantage of them. We can also indicate factors, that may be decreasing the efficiency of your business and advise you on how to cope with them and ultimately turn them into advantages.

Sourcing of new technologies

We take our knowledge and skills and turn them into your success! We can present a selection of products and services that may interest you, provide our own analysis and recommendation of which ones best suit your needs, and compare competing offers so that you can decide for yourself which of them are best for you. From amongst the hundreds of offerings in the market we will choose and present those, that are the best match for your needs and expectations. Trust us, trust yourself, we can achieve more together!


Do you value quality? So do we! We want to ensure that outside contractors provide the highest possible quality of services, which means that we ensure these partners keep to the conditions of the contract in every way, even in the smallest details. Are punctuality and time management important to you? We monitor and supervise the implementation of new systems to make sure new projects are completed on time. As a result, you can be confident that your plans to modernise will proceed on schedule. We help you minimise risk and maximise profitability!

The advantages of using our company's services


We help you save money and increase profitability!

We respect you and your time.



You know best how to run your business effectively. While you continue with the day to day process of running your company, we help create a strategy to help your company develop and grow. If you let us get involved, you don't have to worry about an assortment of minor tasks and minute details, we will take care of it all for you! You don't have to spend time looking for the most effective solutions and contacting potential contactors yourself. By employing a team of automation experts , you can save your employees time and allow them to focus on their areas of expertise. Finally, not travelling to meetings with potential outside contractors will allow you to save money.


Be enterprising, contact us and start saving!

We want what's best for you and your business!



For that reason, we only hire professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the market and can find the best solution for you. Our consultants can advise you how to make your business run more efficiently and effectively. They can show you which contractors offer the best service packages, combine them into a comprehensive plan for automating your production line. Our consultants will also advise you throughout the process. Our knowledge and experience allow you to feel secure in the fact that you are choosing nothing but the best for your company. You can be sure that the future of your company is in good hands.


Be enterprising, contact us and start earning more!

What we offer:

I. We help you choose the best solutions for your company. What do we offer?

- We will analyse the needs of your company and find the technical solutions that are the best match to them.

- We will conduct a multi-factor analysis of your company's current situation and needs.

- We will present the offerings of a variety of outside contractors and compare them to each other, so that you can choose which services and products are right for you.

- We can advise you on how to adapt the layout of your production facility so that industrial automation systems can be installed.

- We can tell you how to best take care of newly acquired equipment so that it stays in good working condition for as long as possible (in particular, we present the terms and conditions of warranties, indicate facilities that can conduct the maintenance of specialised production equipment, etc).

- We prepare price comparisons for different product offerings, so that you can decide which solutions offer the best value to your business.

- We evaluate what is currently on the market and provide additional insight as to the characteristics of specific machines and which ones are most easily available.


II. We mediate between you and outside contractors, providers of industrial automation systems

- We negotiate the terms of contracts so that they are as beneficial as possible to you.

- We will analyse the contract itself, even in its most minute details, to give you the confidence, that you are agreeing to a deal that gives the maximum benefit to your company.

- We will provide oversight of the production process, so that each step of the project proceeds according to your schedule.

- We will provide supervision of FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests).


III. Project Management. What services can we offer?

- We will oversee the execution of the conditions of contracts, in particular we will ensure that the installation of new production systems happens in a timely fashion.

- We will prepare regular progress reports during the installation process, so that you always know what is happening with your equipment, and what stage of the project is being executed.

- We will check that the process proceeds in accordance with industrial norms and standards.

- We will oversee the conduction of the final SAT (Site Acceptance Test).


Our experience


Knowledge that is not backed up by experience and a good record of success is worth little, something we know very well. We have a good record of cooperation with a number of major production companies, namely:

As you can see, specialised knowledge and experience in the field are the key to our success! We have built a stable position in our market, but more importantly, we have helped several factories to discover a new dimension of efficiency. Do you have any other questions for us? Don't hold back, contact us and tell us what we can do for you!

Contact us:

Endline Consulting

Via Lago di Garda, 8/c

36015 Schio VI



Phone: +39 347 541 5857


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